Developing and manufacturing highly complex electromechanical components for the automotive supply and semiconductor industries requires absolute precision. A major supplier in the two segments “Automotive” and “Semicon”, the division comprises nine international subsidiaries in addition to its two German-based production sites.


2021 | € 268 million
2020 | € 229 million
2019 | € 259 million

Scope of activities/Products

  • Lead frames
  • Electromechanical components
  • Connectors

Customer groups

  • Automotive suppliers
  • Semiconductor industry/electrical industry
  • LED manufacturers

Number of employees in 2021


Annual average

Leading manufacturer of semiconductor component carriers and electromechanical components

Possehl Electronics has been developing highly complex precision components for the microelectronics and automotive industries for decades. Focussing on their customers’ high demands, the division’s experts develop and industrialise smart production concepts that meet the highest technological standards. ­Possehl Electronics employs some 1,700 people at eleven business sites around the globe.

As a major supplier for the automotive ­electronics ­industry, the company’s product range in the “Automotive” segment comprises technologically ­advanced punched and bent components produced in large batches as well as highly complex mechanical and mechatronic assemblies. The products find their use, for example, in the production of navigation, braking and exhaust systems as well as in electronic control systems for automatic transmission. The components produced by Possehl Electronics are independent of the type of drive and can thus also be used for all-electric vehicles.

The “Semicon” segment comprises the production – mainly at the Asian sites and in the Netherlands – of lead frames used for manufacturing semiconductor chips and other electronic components, which are used in the semiconductor, LED and automotive industries as well as in the field of industrial automation and for safety and control systems.


Business Sites

Germany Niefern-Öschelbronn, Wackersdorf | China Dongguan, Hong Kong | Malaysia Malakka | Mexico Puebla | The Netherlands ‘s-Hertogenbosch | Singapore | Czech Republic Dýšina | USA Rock Hill