The Digital division accompanies the digital transformation of the Possehl Group and that of industrial SMEs according to the motto: “From SMEs for SMEs”. Strengthened by its affiliation with the Possehl Group, areas along the main value chain as well as important support processes are identified in medium-sized companies where the solutions in the portfolio can create added value. This also includes targeted investments. The objective is to provide custom-fit solutions and offers for the digital transformation. It is important that these offerings provide recognisable and measurable benefits for SMEs right from the start.
Starting with the two spin-offs Possehl Analytics and Possehl Online Solutions at the beginning of 2021, two further investments were added in the reporting year:

Business activity Company Share of capital in %
Holding Possehl Digital GmbH 100
IoT / Data Analytics Possehl Analytics GmbH 100
B2B E-Commerce Possehl Online Solutions GmbH 100
Audits- / Quality-Management cluetec GmbH 45
AR / VR After Sales Support Bitnamic GmbH 25

Scope of activities/products

  • Data-driven business models and data-driven process optimisation
  • Marketplace solutions and brand shops
  • E-commerce solutions
  • Consulting services for digital transformation
  • Quality management
  • Digitalisation of audits
  • Digital after-sales service
  • AR / VR applications

Customer groups

  • Industrial SME companies

Number of employees in 2022


Annual average

Possehl’s youngest division

In the first full year of its existence, the division achieved an internal turnover of almost
€ 1.5 million. In addition to the diverse internal orders, external customers were won. This development shows not only the performance of the Digital division, but also the demand for brand shops and other e-commerce solutions as well as the need to gain know-how in data-driven analyses, to use software solutions for internal processes and to place data-driven products on the market.
The investments in cluetec and Bitnamic will strengthen the company portfolio at important points in the main value chain and support processes. Both companies have already realised various projects with Possehl companies, including the digitalisation of quality inspections in production, assessments on IT security and the Supply Chain Due Diligence Act, as well as the generation of a platform for training service employees through augmented reality. The division has also set itself the goal of further internal and external growth for the current business year.

Smart shareholder and bridge builder

Possehl Digital relies on reciprocal levers between investments of the division and the other Group companies: shareholdings support the Possehl Group in its digital transformation. To this end, companies are being sought in the following areas, among others:

  • GreenTech
  • Process automation
  • Digital products, tools & services
  • Digital business models, marketplaces & platforms

Through the added values of the Possehl Group, we support investments on their way, among other things through:

  • A strong network and mechanical engineering competencies
  • References, customer access, synergies and shared services

Possehl Digital thus sees itself as a smart shareholder and bridge builder that supports digital companies in growth and the Possehl Group in digital transformation.

Business Sites

Germany | Augsburg, Karlsruhe, Lübeck, Osnabrück