Printing Machines

manroland Goss web systems GmbH is the world’s leading provider of web offset printing solutions with highly productive and customised solutions for the industrial production of newspapers, magazines and advertising printed matter. The division is also represented with its own presses in flexible packaging printing and acts as a manufacturing partner for numerous industries. In digital printing, finishing systems are offered. The division also includes the two companies manroland web produktionsgesellschaft mbH and Industriepark Augsburg GmbH. The production company offers a broad portfolio of manufacturing services for numerous industries, such as rotary and prismatic parts production, surface treatment as well as metrology and electrical assembly. With 150,000 m² of space, the Industriepark-Gesellschaft is a major provider of office, manufacturing and warehouse space in Augsburg.


2022 | € 191 million
2021 | € 182 million
2020 | € 223 million
2019 | € 298 million

Scope of activities/Products

  • Web-fed offset newspaper printing
  • Web-fed offset commercial printing
  • Packaging printing
  • Digital printing (post press processing)
  • Manufacturing services
  • Rentals and services

Customer groups

  • Newspaper and magazine publishers
  • Printing industry
  • Packaging industry
  • General industry

Number of employees in 2022


Annual average

Tailor-made and high-quality web offset printing for the global printing industry

The global market for offset presses has been in decline for years. In this market, manrolandGoss has continuously expanded its market share in recent years and has meanwhile achieved a unique selling proposition for some products. Consequently, the Printing Machines division was able to achieve a sales increase of a good 5 % in the 2022 financial year. The fact that growth was not significantly stronger was primarily due to the continued disruption of supply chains and the sometimes very long delivery times, especially for electronic components. With high market demand, the order backlog has consequently increased noticeably, even in the longer term. Such a high order backlog not only ensures capacity utilisation for the next 18 to 24 months at the production company in Augsburg, but also leads to profitable growth in subsequent years.

Another focus of innovation activity is packaging printing. Here manrolandGoss succeeds in combining innovation, sustainability and greater customer benefit. In contrast to flexo and gravure printing, the ink waste in the offset printing process is significantly lower. Energy consumption as well as cleaning costs and the use of solvents can also be noticeably reduced.

Another focus of innovation activity in the classic product areas of newspaper and commercial printing is on the further development and optimisation of the existing product portfolio. With the expansion of the in-house developed Predictive-Maintenance-Platform
“Maintellisense”, manrolandGoss offers its customers an intelligent and predictive service. Specifically, this involves the sensor-based early detection of impending press failures and malfunctions as well as the optimisation of press performance.

At the production company, the topic of the smart factory was also the focus of research and development activities in 2022. Among other things, the focus is on the use of digital assistance systems, automation and data analysis.

Business Sites

Germany | Augsburg, Lübeck, Munich
Australia | Chullora
Brazil | Barueri
Canada | Vaughan
China | Bejing
France | Creil
India | Neu Delhi (Noida)
Japan | Sayama
Netherlands | Nieuwkuijk
United Kingdom | High Wycombe, Preston
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