Special Purpose Construction

The Special Purpose Construction division at Possehl offers a broad range of services that has been steadily expanded in recent years, most recently with the acquisition of Jacbo and the AA Group in the field of building foundations in the civil engineering segment. With its medium-sized companies, the division is mainly active in niche markets. It is structured according to construction service areas as follows:

  • Traffic and surfaces (Possehl Spezialbau, Thiendorfer Fräsdienst, P+S Pflaster- und Straßenbau and Innobit)
  • Structural and civil engineering (Mickan, Jöst, Jacbo, Jacbo Flooring as well as Jacbo and the AA Group)
  • Building restoration (Bennert, Nüthen)
  • Construction chemicals (Pagel, Euroquarz, cds Polymere, Gremmler – as joint venture)


2022 | € 493 million
2021 | € 452 million
2020 | € 463 million
2019 | € 386 million

Scope of activities/Products

  • Traffic and surfaces
  • Structural and civil engineering, including turnkey construction
  • Building restoration
  • Construction chemicals

Customer groups

  • Public sector
  • Airports
  • Logistics
  • Trading companies
  • Construction industry
  • General industry

Number of employees in 2022


Annual average

Roads and other surfaces

Possehl’s Special Purpose Construction division with its wide range of products and services is essentially determined by the development in the German construction industry, as about 90 % of the construction work is done in Germany. The remaining part is almost exclusively accounted for by other European countries and here in particular by the neighbouring countries Austria and the Netherlands, where Possehl Spezialbau is represented in the market by independent companies.

The domestic construction industry has been moving steadily upwards in recent years. Possehl’s Special Purpose Construction division was able to benefit from this development. In the course of 2022, there was a significant slowdown as a result of massively increased construction prices and noticeably higher financing interest rates, which – at least on the sales side – have not yet had a negative impact on our construction services business. With a Group turnover of € 493 million, the previous year’s turnover was exceeded by a good 10 %. However, this increase roughly corresponds to the price increase in the construction industry, so that there was no real increase in production. This is due to the fact that some companies – especially in the building construction sector and to some extent also in the traffic and surface engineering sector – have already had to register a decline in demand due to the sharp rise in prices, even though the public construction sector has basically still proved to be stable, while the other construction sectors have reacted much more interest-elastically. This divergent development should also continue in the future.

Business Sites

Germany | Amberg, Bremen, Dorsten, Duisburg, Erfurt, Essen, Frankfurt am Main, Hünxe, Kaiserslautern, Klettbach, Schüttorf, Sprendlingen, Thiendorf, Wülknitz
Austria | Griffen
Croatia | Jastrebarsko
France | Poissy
Netherlands | Malden, Nijmegen, Oosterhout
Slovenia | Maribor