We are always on the lookout for new companies that fit into our operation: competitive enterprises with a good market position and positive development prospects. We maintain their entrepreneurial freedom and support them on a strategic and financial level. Our companies continue to grow because we give them the opportunity to concentrate on their key distinguishing feature, which is to achieve good results based on their special know-how and many years of experience.

Our philosophy: Best-owner approach

We only acquire companies which we are convinced will profit from Possehl as the best owner in the long term.

This best-owner approach also corresponds to the mind-set and the business actions undertaken by our founder Emil Possehl.

We can assure family business owners that, when selling their companies to us, their life’s work is in good hands. Our approach is to continue what they have built up over many years or generations.

Our Offer

Transaction Security

We finance our acquisitions from liquid funds; our operative companies will not be burdened with any financing costs resulting from the acquisition.


We ensure long-term support and development of the businesses we take over.

Safeguarding of Identity

Our companies can preserve and develop their own culture.


We actively support our companies whenever they need us.


Together, we develop new business models in future-oriented industries.

Our Acquisition Criteria

In general, we would consider the following acquisitions

Both our long-term perspective and buy-and-hold strategy fundamentally distinguish us from classic financial investors.

Dr Henning von Klitzing
Member of the Executive Board
Mergers & Acquisitions

We value trustful partnerships, right from the very beginning: We treat investment negotiations as strictly confidential until the process has been completed and both parties are ready to go public.

Please contact us for further information:
Phone: +49 451 148-216
E-mail: hvonklitzing[at]possehl.de


Track Record

In the past years we invested in the following companies:

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