Precious Metals Processing

The Heimerle + Meule Group is an internationally active group of companies for precious metals. The diverse product and service portfolio requires broad-based expertise in a wide range of markets and covers numerous areas of application – from the jewellery and watchmaking industry to automotive suppliers from the electronics sector to dental companies and much more.

As the oldest gold and silver refinery in Germany, Heimerle + Meule stands for reliability, trust and competence in the precious metals business – these principles have been the basis for successful and long-term customer relationships for more than 175 years. In addition to the lead company in Pforzheim, subsidiaries in the UK, France, the Netherlands, Spain and Portugal make up the business division. All companies hold leading positions in their regional markets. From its location in Birmingham, the company operates online trading in many European countries.


2022 | € 2,971 million
2021 | € 2,095 million
2020 | € 2,136 million

Scope of activities/Products

  • Precious metals recycling
  • Semi-finished precious metal products/jewellery
  • Chemicals/electroplating
  • Precious metals trading/investment products
  • Industrial recycling
  • Dental products

Customer groups

  • Jewellery industry
  • Electrical engineering industry
  • Dental laboratories
  • End consumers

Number of employees in 2022


Annual average

A traditional and Europe-wide leading group of companies in the precious metals industry

In recent years, the Precious Metals Processing division has become noticeably more important for the Possehl Group’s assets and earnings.
On the one hand, this is due to the continuously rising precious metal prices, but also to the expansion of the precious metal trading and investment business. Thus the Heimerle + Meule Group has fully automated its coin business and significantly increased annual production. With the acquisition of a majority stake in Commonwealth Mint, the largest private mint on the British market, the investment products business was once again significantly expanded.

The Precious Metals Processing division achieved a significant increase in turnover of over 40 % in the 2022 financial year. About one third of the increase is based on higher precious metal prices and a good two thirds on an increased business volume at all European locations. In addition to a significant expansion of the investment products business, the recycling business was also able to recover. The business development on the English market, where the precious metal business was unimpressed by the effects of Brexit, was surprisingly successful.

Research & development is a continuous and integral process on the marketing and production side. One example of innovation is the continuous development of a Direct Metal Laser Sintering process (DMLS) – 3D printing – for precious metals. Currently, the powder production for platinum alloys has been successfully developed further in this context, and the jewellery business is also being expanded through the establishment of a digital platform. The development and distribution of technical products and applications in 3D printing will be continued with a cooperation for the worldwide marketing of series products made of platinum alloys.

Business Sites

Germany | Pforzheim
France | Dardilly
Netherlands | Amsterdam
Portugal | Porto
Spain | Madrid
United Kingdom | Birmingham, London, Portishead, Witham