Precious Metals Processing

The diversified portfolio of products and services relating to precious metals requires broad knowledge in various different markets and covers a wide range of applications – from the jewellery and watchmaking industry to automotive suppliers in the electrical engineering industry as well as dental companies and many more.


2018 | € 1,463.5 million
2017 | € 1,573.4 million

Scope of activities/Products

  • Precious metals recycling
  • Semi-finished precious metal products/jewellery
  • Chemicals/electroplating
  • Precious metals trading/investment products
  • Industrial recycling

Customer groups

  • Jewellery industry
  • Electrical engineering industry
  • Dental laboratories
  • End consumers

Number of employees in 2018


Annual average

Heimerle + Meule, one of the oldest gold and silver refineries in Germany, stands for reliability, trust and competence in the precious metals business – these principles are the company’s basis for long-term successful customer relationships. Founded in Pforzheim in 1845, the company has developed into a leading European full-range supplier in the precious metals processing sector. Equipped with sufficient leeway for its own economic initiative, Heimerle + Meule GmbH has been part of the Possehl Group since 1951. With the acquisition of the Cookson Precious Metals Group in 2013, the enterprise expanded and was transformed into the Heimerle + Meule Group.

In the process of expanding the supplier business for the jewellery industry, the British-based family business Weston Beamor was acquired in early 2018, which contributed to the fact that the company is now perfectly lined up for a bright future in the international precious metals market. In addition to the Pforzheim-based parent company and a subsidiary in Austria, the company currently operates six subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, Spain and Portugal.

All of the companies enjoy leading positions in their regional markets. The Heimerle + Meule Group is a reliable partner in the precious metals recycling sector for both national and international jewellery enterprises and industrial companies as well as dental laboratories and runs four production sites including two modern precious metals refineries recovering fine metals (gold, silver, platinum and palladium) to the highest levels of purity. From its offices in Birmingham, the company conducts online trading of precious metal products in many European countries.